Secrets are never meant to be. Much less when they are this dirty. Be careful who knows your secrets, because they might just tell.


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I just read this story and it's too crazy

Is it?

Chapter list please?

There it is, enjoy(:

So now Taylor is being clingy! Really Sean?!? He should have NEVER called that damn girl, she could mess everything up. I Sean is like a straight up stalker now, lol. Leaving food on the doorstep, changing the locks while she slept, sneaking letters into her office...what's next Sean?!? I love this story and I CAN'T wait for the update😍

Don’t think Taylor is being clingy I think it was the fact Sean “promised” her a job. Lol
And is that stalking? He’s just trying to get Natalie to want him again.
And I’m glad you love this story. I may update quicker but I have other stuff to do first so look for the update this upcoming Wednesday for sure.


You really want them back together huh?
That is the only question he still hasn’t answrred.


Nat shouldn't feel bad!!!!!!! Sean has gotta tell them the truth. Invade he dies not remember luring and cheating got him to this point



But she does…
He does but wouldn’t she be tired of listening to the same story? Shontel already told her so why listen to Sean?


Wait damnit i meant in fact does he not remember how him lowing and cheating got him into that predicament. dirtysecrets-ff

I’m pretty sure he does, but hasn’t admitted it openly. If that’s what you mean.

Nat shouldn't feel bad!!!!!!! Sean has gotta tell them the truth. Invade he dies not remember luring and cheating got him to this point

But she does…
He does but wouldn’t she be tired of listening to the same story? Shontel already told her so why listen to Sean?


Twenty Seven


When I woke up from my nap, Sean wasn’t by my side. I felt a bit of relief he wasn’t there, but I did miss waking up in his arms. Shrugging, I went to quickly wash my body and get into something comfortable. I walked back into the living room and picked up the mess made by Sean and I. My robe and bra were sprawled on the floor while the table had the two wine glasses and bottle. Picking those up, I went and left them in the kitchen.

I huffed and looked through the fridge so I could eat. After all that, I was starving. Just as I was raiding my fridge the doorbell began to ring. Groaning, I made my way to the door to see who it was. By the time I got there there was only a bag on the doorstep with a note.

I looked out to see who had left it but I saw no one. I picked up the bag and read the note.

Thought you might be hungry, so I bought you some Panera.

I quickly hid the smile that spread on my face for a brief moment. Just in case he was still out there I didn’t want him to see it made me smile. Turning on my heels, I walked back inside the house and locked the doors. Once I was inside I smiled like a fool, and smiled even more when I noticed it was my favorite panini.

I sat down on the kitchen stool and began to eat. The bottle of wine was still out so I poured myself some and took a drink.

See its stuff like this that makes me miss Sean more than I already was. But the moments we shared just hours ago had my mind still hazy. I enjoyed it and it was evident he did too.

By the time that I was done eating, I washed the dirty dishes and went into my office. I closed the door and turned on my desktop. Once it was on, I began to go through my emails. I read the ones more important to me and skimmed over the others that weren’t.

I opened my drawer looking for a wipe so I could clean my computer screen. Just then, an email from Claire appeared on my inbox. From the subject line I knew I’d have to go to work today. Great.

I turned off my computer after I read the email, and went up to my room. I gathered my stuff and left the house. Locking it on my way out I went to my car. As soon as the engine came to life I was out of the drive way.

It took me 20 minutes to get to the gym. I looked around and it seemed as if no one was around. I waved at Claire as I made my way to my down the employee hallways. A few greetings were exchanged while I walked but no one of importance so it didn’t matter.

A white envelope caught my attention when i walked into the office at the gym. I walked overt to the desk and grabbed it to see what it was. My name was written on it. Looking at it with a confused look, I opened it and took the letter out.

I lost your trust but what hurts the most is that you aren’t with me anymore. Here’s your ring, keep it. Keep it until we’ve come across a decision about our marriage. Till then, I guess all we can do is pretend for the family because it’s not a done deal yet.
I don’t want to put you through anything that you may not want to go through, but remember this year we are spending Christmas with my mom and new years with yours. I can’t find myself to say anything and I hope we can at least fake it for the holidays.

Your unfaithful and miserable husband without you,
Ps. I still love you more than you can imagine.

If his intention was to make me feel bad he accomplished it to a certain extent. I felt bad that this is how we are communicating after everything. It caused a few silent tears to escape. I wiped them away as my wedding band and engagement ring fell from the envelope when I shook it. The sparking diamonds seemed to have dulled. All of of a sudden the glimmer and happiness it once gave me was now gone. The sentimental value was still there,  that won’t fade away but it made rethink some of my thoughts.

I tucked the rings into my purse and fixed myself. I don’t want anyone asking if anything is wrong but how the hell did the letter get to my desk. I walked out of my office and asked who had came into my office.  Every one was as clueless as I was. I knew it was Sean but how did he get access to my office?

"Claire did you let anyone go into my office?" I asked her.

"Nope. No one has gone in aside from the employees walking through the hallway." She said to me.

"Oh.. okay thanks." I left her and went back to my office. Shaking my head out of the possibility of Sean breaking into my office, I got ready for my training session.

"Are you okay?" Mike asked me as I walked to the down the hall. I hadn’t even noticed he was here, nor that he was walking my way moments before.

"Uhh.. yeah.." I gave him a soft smile.

"Did Lance do anything wrong?" He asked me.

"Oh.. no. I’m just thinking about next week. Too many things going on at once." I said to him in hopes he’d stop asking me questions.

"Alright." He said to me. One quick nod and he was out of my way.

I walked into the room where I was going to do the session. My thoughts kept crawling back to the source of all these emotions I was feeling. I tried my best to keep my emotions to myself so it wouldn’t influence my work, but it wasn’t working too well.

"Are you feeling okay?" The lady asked me.

"Yeah. Okay now we are going to do some light kicking. Copy my stance." I began to direct her as I changed the exercise.

About half an hour later, I was done with that session so I grabbed my bottle of water and headed out to the lounge. I kept a fake smile on my face as I sat down away from everyone in there. Not even going to lie, but I didn’t want to be bothered by anyone at this point. Sean was seriously ruining my day and without a word to him. How does he manage to do stuff like that?

"Hey Natalie, are you okay?" One of the girls asked me.

"Yeah I’m fine." A fake smile that seemed to convince her. She let me know that she was there for me incase I wanted someone to talk to. I thanked her and made my way to my office. I can’t deal with people asking me questions right now.

As soon as my door closed my cell phone rang. The name on the screen made me feel a twinge of guilt as I denied the call. I couldn’t bear the thought of talking to him in the state I’m in at the moment. Silencing my phone I tucked it into my purse and ignored it.

I’m not in the right state of mind to talk to him. Not even to work right now but I have to find some way to pay my bills for the moment. I couldn’t even think right, so gathered my stuff and told Claire I wasn’t feeling too good.

"Don’t worry. Someone will cover." She assured me it was fine for me to leave home early. I thanked her and made my way out of the gym.

Just didn’t want to be working if that’s how my mind was. The fact that a letter from him had me like this is what bothered me. Yes I still love him but it left me thinking. Is this what had become of us?


My phone kept ringing with Taylor’s name flashing on the screen. By the 3rd call I guess she got the hint I didn’t want to talk to her. I went through my phone settings and blocked her number. Right now I wanted no contact with her. My mind is set on what I’m planning for Natalie, not anyone else.

I dug through my desk and jotted down some stuff I need to do. The list of things began to grow as I recalled small things and places I had to check out. When I was done, I began to think about the chances it might bring me if I go through with the plan. Not even gonna lie, I’m hoping everything goes as plan because I want Natalie to want me back.

It was already 6 in the afternoon when I decided to order something to eat. While I waited for my food to arrive, I grabbed my laptop and looked up a few things I needed. While the pages loaded, my phone rang so I quickly answered it.

"Hi baby.  How are you?" My mom asked me when I answered.

"Good and you ma’"? I asked her. No one knew about the situation between Nat and I, and I want planning on telling them any time soon.

"That’s good. How’s Natalie?" I had to swallow the lump in my throat when she asked me.

"She’s good. She’s at the gym working right now." A white lie won’t hurt.


"What ma’?" I rubbed the back of my neck with my free hand. My eyes scanning the computer screen while I spoke to her.

"I didn’t say anything." She tried to defend herself.

"Fine. So what’s up?"

"I just wanted to check in and make sure y’all are still coming for Christmas Eve." The excitement in her voice was evident.

"Yeah we will be there. Don’t worry." I let out a short laugh.

"Okay good. We’ll I’m gonna get going. Say hi to Natalie for me. Love you two and take care." She said to me.

I told her to take care before hanging up. It felt weird having my mom asking how Natalie is when she isn’t with me. Shaking my head, I continued to search online for the things I needed.

A couple of minutes later there was a knock on my door. I got up and went to go answer the door because it was the food I ordered. Grabbing the bag of food, I paid the guy and took my food to the living room.

As much as I was starving, I was to engrossed with finding everything else than eating. Yet I’d give my food a couple of bites every so often just because I’d remember about it. Luckily I found about 70% of the stuff before I finished my food. I ordered them online and then finished eating.

But the time I finished eating, I clicked to the airline website and booked the flight tickets. Two first class tickets round trip. Then I booked a rental car. If we are going to have to fake it, at least make it seem like we really are together. Knowing my mom she probably invited the entire family, meaning I’d somehow have to convince Natalie to go Christmas shopping with me for them. Well see how that works out.

Hopefully everything else is enough for what I have planned for her. Because if it isn’t I don’t know what else to do.

Sean was an asshole for cheating and I don't know if we've ever gotten to the reason why he did it. I mean I know towards the end, he cheated because Nat wasn't showing him any attention, but what about before? They say you don't realize what you have until you lose it, hopefully Sean realizes what he lost and get his shit together. I still think Shontel ass need to go. I just have a feeling that she's still trying to get what Nat has. She's got some tricks up her sleeve!

He is an idiot for cheating. He lost the one person who genuinely cared for him and he knows it.

Shontel is just there. Don’t know what her plan is but she’s there.

Sean and Nat are so cute together. Aww❤️

They are but now it’s just a mess… 💔


I want to fix the new chapter coming out this Wednesday but I don’t want to write. I want to read The Cuckoos Calling but I dont. Kinda torn between doing and not doing anything.

Anyone ever feel like that?

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